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How to Kiss
12 Simple Steps to a Perfect Kiss

(1) Good breath - First, make sure your breath is fresh. Nothing spoils a kiss like bad breath. Brush your teeth before a date, and don't eat pungent foods like garlic. And make sure you don't have anything stuck in your teeth; excuse yourself to check your self in the mirror if you have to.

(2) Find the right moment - Don't rush a kiss, it's got to be done at the right time. Wait for a pause in the conversation when your eyes meet, or when you're getting physically intimate. Don't just lean across a table suddenly and plant a kiss - a kiss shouldn't come as a shock. Wait for the right moment when you both share a connection, then your kiss will be natural and pleasant. If it is your first time with your partner and your partner is the reserved sort, try telling him/her that you want to kiss. That way your partner will be ready and both of you will enjoy the experience. The key is that you don't want to see a look of shock on your partner's face when your lips meet.

(3) Moist lips - Moisten your lips before kissing by discreetly licking your them with your tongue. You don't want your lips to be too dry or it'll be like kissing a tree. You also don't want your lips to be too wet or sticky, or it'll get messy - for ladies, this means not using too much lip gloss or lipstick.

(4) Touch - A kiss is a shared moment of intimacy, so touch your partner when you kiss. Put your hands on your partner's hips or waist, or caress your partner's hair. Or simply hold your partner's hand. Then lean in towards your partner and kiss passionately.

(5) Go slow, don't rush - A sensuous kiss must be done slowly. Relax and enjoy the moment. It's not a contest, so don't rush or you'll spoil the moment and make things awkward.

(6) Tilt your head - Remember to tilt your head before kissing, or you'll run into your partner's nose. Most people instinctively tilt to the right, so things should go fine for both of you.

(7) Close your eyes - Close your eyes just before you kiss. Your partner may find it weird to kiss you with your eyes open. A kiss is shared moment of intimacy, and all your attention should be in your kiss. Keeping your eyes open only leaves you open to distraction, and can make it seem like you are looking at something else during the kiss. Needless to say, that would completely kill the mood.

(8) Open your lips - Open your lips before kissing, you don't want to end up giving your partner a peck on the cheek the way grandma kisses you.

(9) Control your tongue - don't force your tongue in your partner's mouth. It is unpleasant and can make your partner gag. It can also make you seem overeager, which could be a turn off. Only use your tongue if you're going for a French Kiss, and even then, go slow and don't force your tongue in.

(10) Don't slobber - Don't let your saliva come drooling out. You're in there for a kiss, not to lick your partner.

(11) Watch your teeth - Be gentle and use your lips, not your entire mouth. You want to lock lips with your partner, and not let your teeth collide. Going slow and gentle helps to avoid teeth collisions.

(12) Variety - Be creative and experiment. Nothing keeps up the passion like variety. So make every kiss a new discovery!


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